Friday, 20 September 2013

My travel plans - New York City or Canada?

I doubt if I will be traveling this year yet. My budget is not so bog, so I need to save some money and wait until I may hit the road again.

I am thinking of New York City. In my opinion, it is one of two really huge multicultural cities in the world - the second is London. Of course, like many people from Europe I know the city from movies which - I think - has little to do withe the reality. However this is what drives me to think I must be there, to see the true face of United States and New York City. It is not difficult to get there but prices are not so low. I checked New York City hotels and it seems like they are as expensive as in Norway. I doubt if I can afford this year or another.

New York City - Statue of Liberty
New York City - Statue of Liberty

Another thought was to go to Canada, specifficaly to Labrador Peninsula. This is one of those magical places I was dreaming of for years. Unfortunanetely it is even more expensive.

So first I gonna write this blog and maybe something will change and I will be able to go to New York and to Canada as well.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Warsaw - the best city of Central Europe

Wasraw has many faces. And yeah, it is so difficult to find all of them, to find some of them - it is even harder. Once you get there, you may feel confused. Sure, it is not so pretty as Paris or Barcelona but there are some thing that none of the European cities can bit Warsaw.

When you leave at the Central Railway Station, you go out and see this huge communist building. It is palace and I do not joke, in fact it is called 'The Palace of Culture and Science'. Ant it is a gift from Stalin, built in the 50s. Actually, Stalin, as so generous person, gave the Polich a choice - a palace or metro network. Many citizens of Warsaw still cannot understand why they chose the palace. After the communis fell down, many wanted the palace to be demolished as a symbol of foreign occupation. The truth is, although some historicians have doubts how to define system built in Polecn in 1945-1990, that all major decisions had to be consulted with Moscow. There was no freedom, there were jails for those thinking opposite to the goveronment. And there was nice life for those following the Russian instructions.

Palace of Culture and Science - Warsaw
Palace of Culture and Science - Warsaw
The construction of the Palace destroyed great part of old Warsaw that will never live again. However, it was not so difficult, because Warsaw was almost completely ruined after the war. Be conscious: what you see now is almost all reconstruction, made by brave Polish people after hard years after the World War II. They loved their city and they wanted to have it again how it was.

However, Warsaw was never the same. It lost much. The original citizens died or were spread out through the whole world. There were not Jews who were exterminated by the German. So Warsaw lost most of its colors, its life and culture.

Nowadays it is all the history. The city is still alive, different with all communism remainings in its buildings, streets and shops.

Hotels in Warsaw

There are many hotels in Warsaw where you can stay. Prices are not very high. Also you can stay in some of very enjoyable hostels. Check popular hotels in Warsaw and find a good offer. I really like this website as you can always compare prices and find some really good deal.

Warsaw National Stadium
Warsaw National Stadium

Warsaw by night

Tehre is nothing better than Warsaw at night. The city is extremely entertaining. Of course, the best time to go out is summer. Streets and squares then all filled with people and it seems much like Barcelona or Madrid. But even better time is early October or late May and June. It is even more entertaining and there are more students, much more fun, more beutiful girls and nice boys. Certainly the best time to visit Warsaw.

If you wonder if it safe to hang around during night, do not worry. It pretty much is. As far as you do not go in some deserted, akwardly looking streets you shoud not be worried. If you have doubts, take taxi - there are lots of them on streets. Warsaw is rather free or fake taxis or similiar scam. The only way you can be scammed - is you can be taken longer way home and then pay extra fee for that. Be careful, expecially if you have drunk a little more than usually.

And enjoy beutiful sights of Warsaw at night.

Warsaw by night

See Stalin's gift in purple reflexion? You can see it in different light depending whether it is summer or winter.

Palace of Justice and Culture by night - Warsaw

Wasraw old town by night

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Barcelona - an ideal city?

First of all, I vahe never been to BArcelona. That said, I know I will certainly go. There are many reasons. To visit Camp Nou, to see Sagrada Familia, to spend some time hanging on the Barceloneta beach, drink wine on Las Ramblas...

Currently, I have visited other parts of Spain, mainly South Spain. Barcelona is easily accesible but still have some doubts. Anyway, it seems they feel less Spanish than people from other regions of Spain. It is Catalonia, another country, another history, and another proud, catalonian proud, and FC Barcelona - of course.

I will go there the next year. I am sure. For know I leave you with some pictures of Barcelona and do nto forget also to check the cheapest hotels of Barcelona.

See you soon! You know which city I will describe next?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Paris, the old heart of Europe

In last post I wrote something about London. Certainly I know London much better than Paris, which I saw only two times during one way trip. Certainly, Paris is one of the most important cities of Europe. I personally think that it is no more such important like it used to be in XIX century. As we all know then all the world used to speak French, now it has all changed. Everybody speaks English. Sure, French is still so important but geographically the powers of the current world have switched towards Asia and North America. Sad for the French but true.

I am sure there is lots of places to stay in Paris. However, I did not havy any oportunity to visit any of the popular Paris hotels, but I think, when I go I would choose one of the cheapest hotels in Paris.

Paris itself is so lovely that many without any doubt could spend there their whole life. So could I. there is something magical in this city. When I first came to see the Eiffel Tower I just could not believe. It is so emblematic, so symbolic, every child knows it. It is just a pill of metal but who cares. When you first time go there and look at it it is just amazing.
Eifel Tower
I did not get to the top. Certainly, the view is stunning, however seeing the tremendous que queue caused me loosing all my enthusiasm. And also you can walk by foot but quess there is still queue. And you can imagine those people are not so fit as you are, so you jut get stuck and wait instead of making steps up.

The second place worth visiting is Montmartre. The countryside is inhabited by immigrants, so when you reach Montmartre by metro people are getting more and more black with every metro station towards your destination. It is very romantic and the church on the top is one of the most interesting you can ever see.
When we talk about churches, I also liked Notre Dame.

Notre Dame Cathedral
There are of course other places which I am yet to know. But the last I saw and I want to mention is Napoleon Bonaparte tomb which bring to your mind all the glory from just 200 years ago when his army spead from Gibraltar to Moscow. You enter, you see the tomb and you are just overwhelmed by the history. Certainly must see in Paris.

If you want to visit Paris, do not hesitate. And remember to check some of the best Paris hotels.

Wonderful city of London

When I first came to London it showed up to be a really international city. It was not easy to find the way to my hostel even if I had a map. Orientation is quite difficult. Road ceisscross in each direction and there are so bizarre streets crossing patterns in the center that you do not need much time to get lost. One of such places is Picaddilly Circus.

So first time, when I came to London, I directed to Hyde Park cause just a few minutes from there was my hostel. It was very nice. All hostels in London are nice, at least this is what I can say from my little experience I have. This was Aston Hyde Park or something similiar. Aston seems to be a hostel network in London. I think you can trust them.

Unfortunately, every time I visit London it shows up this is autumn or winter. So every time I go there whether is quite ugly despite that it happens that sun will show up sometimes.

I prefer walking in London, like I preer walking in every city if only I want to get it know as much as possibl during a few days visit. Walking let you see faces, streets, let you here people listening. Of course, you can go to the Tube or bus or taxi. But people in mass transport talk less. That is the fact.

When it comes to tube it is really huge. But you do need a map. Everything is well described. When you first time go out in some station you may be suprised how long it take to get to the surface. Sometimes you are so deep that there are even no stairs (only in case of emergency) and the only way to get to the surface is to use a lift. Traveling by London Tube is great fun and it is really worth spending some time doing it. Tickets are quite expensive so the best option is to buy some long term ones like 1-day or 3-day passes.

Of sourse I have some favourite places in London. One of them is Hyde Park. Quite nice place to hang around, to walk or seat watching people walking or running. I have some favourite hotels in London but of course it will take time when I will be able to stay there. Currantly I can afford only hotels and only those cheapest. I like Trafalqar Square, such a nice place where many people meet and talk. And close to the Traflagar Square is my top 1 place in London which is National Art Gallery. It is completely free and there you can spend hours watching some the best pictures created by human. I like walking by the Tames and it is really worth taking one of the boat to go somewhere. I used it when I was coming back from Greenwich. Actually then I got stuck in traffic jam, I went out the bus thinking it must be easy way to get to the center. But then I was brutally taught that London is not just a city, it is mega-city. I walked many hours before I got to the Tower Bridge and then I needed also a boat to get to the Center.

I could spend hours talking about London but for now I will finish. I invite you to see some popular hotels in London, where you can compare prices and see where to stay.
See you later!